How to become a Twitter Jedi – 16 year old Whiz Kid shows you how !

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Session #8 – 16 Year Old Social Media Whiz Kid Unleashes the ultimate Twitter Power – Three tools you must have for Twitter Domination and to drive traffic !

Additional Download Source:
Podcast Interview with Marc Guberti – Three tools you want to have for Twitter Domination

Additional Download Source:
Full Interview Bernhard Rieder and Marc Guberti

It’s the full session:
I originally planed to make two different sessions – but finally I decided to keep the FULL- LENGTH CONTENT in ONE SESSION. Just to avoid any confusion !

With this Session I am diving into Social Media. Actually, I didn’t plan to start with Social Media as early – however – when I started to work on The Hobnocker Project – something extraordinary happened. And that was so positive, that I had no other choice and decided to publish that great content earlier than planned and actually expected.

How to Dominate Twitter

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THE RIEDER RULES – SEO that works to generate Website Traffic and Ranking

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THE RIEDER RULES – SEO that works to generate Website Traffic and Ranking

After digging deeper into the world of digital marketing I realized that there are many miss-leading ways in the SEO world.

What everyone want’s is traffic – there is nothing wrong about it. SEO became the field, the art, the task, the term and tool to rank webpages as high as possible in the SERPS.

The Rieder Rules with SEO
THE RIEDER RULES – SEO that works to generate Website Traffic and Ranking

But what I miss around this topic is the fact that actual PEOPLE like you and me are responsible for TRAFFIC. Yes, of course if you do have a bunch of nice and strong keywords and with them you rank high in google – you’ll get your organic traffic.

But the core question is: How can you reach it ? How can you make sure your page is at least within the TOP 10 of the google SERPS ?


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Best Keyword Research Tools – BRUTAL TEST- Review Fall 2014

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Session #7 – Three Keyword Research Tools brutally tested !

Hey what’s up, Alien Bernhard is back again. This time I am going to review three Keyword Research Tools I was using in the past and I am still using for my projects.

I compare Market Samurai with Spencer Haws Long Tail Pro and SECockpit from SwissMadeMarketing.

I am going to show you the pros and cons and I’ll also reveal my personal favorite killer tool. I also show and explain why I prefer different features.

So get ready, this review is authentic and raw – and yes, it shows brutally what works and what doesn’t. So fasten your seatbelt and get ready.

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Hobnocker Definition

What is a Hobnocker ?

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The Hobnocker project !

I just recently noticed that lots of people asked me: “What is a Hobnocker ?”. I also figured that the Fiction Term creates lot’s of fun. When ever people are talking about it – they smile, laugh and it immediately brings fun into their lives. 

So I thought, it’s time to support that topic and award it with a really cool & funny page. And so it happened that the project Hobnocker went finally live on the 1st of July 2014.The site can be found under it’s original name – and it covers all relevant topics about getting hobnocked.Now you might ask yourself one question: What does Hobnocker stand for ? What does it mean ? What’s the definition ? What is a Hobnocker ?
Well… I highly suggest you figure that out by yourself when you visit the page. Heads up, it’s all family friendly content, so no need to be scared. Relax, breath and take it easy. lol;

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Session #6 – Mike Tyson net worth and Competition

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Session #6 – Mike Tyson net worth and your Competition – How does Tyson help you for your market research ?

In this Session I want to show you how you can use the google Keyword Planner in order to find and identify a Market. But wait a minute. What has that to do with Mike Tyson and his net worth ? Well, I promise, you’ll figure that out soon. You have to read till the end of the article.


The Keyword Planner tool is of course for free, the only thing you need to do is to sign up for a Google AdWords account.

From there you can go to the tools tab and activate the Keyword Planner tool. When you do that, you are able to fetch data from the google search engine. And so you can figure out what people are actually searching for on google.

So here we go, here is SESSION #6 – FULL HD VIDEO:

What does this tell you ? Well, it tells you if people are looking for a specific term – and if that’s the case, you can say that there is obviously a market for that – or not, depending on the search volume of course.

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Bernhard Rieder The Alien

Session #5 – Alien Marketing – What is WordPress ? 5 Reasons why you want to use WordPress !

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5 Reasons Why you want to use WordPress !

Like promised and mentioned in my previous Session I will give you a quick and rough overview what WordPress is and what it can do for you.


REASON #1: WordPress is  FREE
WordPress is a free CMS (Content Management System) which allows you to create your own website pretty quick and easy.

REASON #2: Great Support + Free Themes
You have great support and tones of free Themes and plugins. Especially when you get started with your blog or website – WordPress is something that makes your life just easier.

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Podcast App – Alien Marketing now on ITunes and Stitcher

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Podcast now available on ITunes and Stitcher

I am super stoked and happy to announce that my Podcast  “Alien Marketing” was officially accepted and qualified for the Apple ITunes Store. Additional to that you can also listen to all my  Podcast episodes on Stitcher. 

If you have a smartphone you can download the podcast app for free – just click the icons below.
podcast-app-subscribe-stutcher-alien-marketing podcast-app-subscribe-with-itunes-alien-marketing rss-subscribe-alien-marketing

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guest blogging stinks and this is why

Pest Blogging Stinks – and this is why !

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Did I get that right ? Did you really say Pest Blogging ? What the heck is that ?

I know I know… people are going to kill me just because of my headline. But before you judge, hear me. And yes, please listen also to my Podcast I am going to make about that topic, explaining exactly my perspective of view.

So.. now.. Bernhard the Alien … tell me, what the heck do you mean with pest-blogging ?


Well… let’s get started. If you read the latest and greatest article from Matt Cutts about the decay and fall of Guest blogging, you’ll hopefully realize that he made a very good point. I see it actually very clear. To get straight to the point. There are lot’s and lot’s of guest bloggers out there who obviously use guest-blogging to get link-juice only. And I say it loud and clear… lot’s of them.

Yes, lot’s of SEO service companies want to show results. And yes, there are also many innocent souls out there who don’t mean any harm and are happy to do guest-blogging.

And it’s really hard to differentiate. But we have to face the fact, that the existing hype,  and I would almost see it as a bad habit, is massively used by marketers and for marketing purpose only. To boost their Pagerank, or to boost their rankings and sales – period.

And such specific guest posts serve only the purpose for link building – and yes such guest blogs deserve a special name. And so I baptized this blogging approach “PEST-BLOGGING” – massive amount of guest-blogging articles that serves only link-building. Continue reading

Bernhard Rieder The Alien

Podcast #4 – Alien Marketing 101 and Lemonade Stand Ideas

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Lemonade Stand Ideas

As you know I am a visual person and I like to keep things as simple as possible. I was attending many marketing classes, did active marketing for over 10 years and also read tones of books around that topic. However, there was always one thing that drove me nuts:

lemonade stand ideas
Why wasn’t it possible to find something more simplified ? Why have we lost to make training more fun ? As easy and playful and fun it was in elementary school ? And why did the learning process get such a pain in the butt ?

I am a strong believer in having fun while learning. Serious and dry content always killed me. I wasn’t entertained and I got bored so fast that I felt asleep.

I don’t think we make good progress if we just read about things.  Where is the thrill ?  You can lose interest so easy and fast if there is no active engagement, no passion, no meaning, especially if things are getting more complicated.

And that’s why I took this obstacle as a true task and opportunity to start my Alien Marketing 101.  Lessons super simplified.

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3D Tattoo – Skull Tattoos and beyond !

How cool is that ?

Attention Tattoo Artists. Now you can have 3D Stencils broken up into Render-Passes ! Wow – do you know what that means ?

As 3D Artist I am able to model and render every specific Form, Geometry, Creature, Fonts, Product, or Character. The beauty is also that I am able to render cinematic shots, or just photoreal shots.

All kinds of cool pictures and images, different genres and topics. I am also able to split up a so called RGB Beauty Pass into all his components. Continue reading

Bernhard Rieder - The Alien

Podcast #3 – How to Host your own Website – Cheap Servers and Reliable Service !

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In my previous Podcasts I already talked about why you should have your own website. I also explained the free WordPress Solution.

Now you might face your next question: How to host your own website ? And  I do understand, yes… you want to make sure you get cheap servers and a reliable service, right ?

Feel free to watch my short video explaining my perspective of view. If you can not watch the video because you are driving your car, jogging or walking with your dog… no worries…  you can also listen to my Podcast only.

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HDR Architecture Renderings – Shot Integration Techniques explained

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3D Rendering – Chapter #1 – Preparations for HDR Architecture

A tutorial for 3d rendering – photoreal 3d rendering with high dynamic range based image lighting by Bernhard Rieder.

It covers 8 FULL CHAPTER’s and shows how you can match any 3d integrated object into live action footage. Same techniques have been used for the Feature Film Iron Man.

I show and demonstrate with a super low budget gear how it can be done by yourself – using the Probes, matching Global Illumination and more.

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Renderings for Architects & Developers

Author:+Bernhard Rieder G+Page

It’s one of the the best examples how my digital art can be a huge benefit for your work – if you are an Architect, Developer, Landscape Designer, etc. it doesn’t matter.  Benefit from digital 3d renders, impress and win new clients.

I visualize & render your Design Idea with Digital Architectural Drawings and Renderings !

Renderings and Architectural Drawings by Bernhard Rieder
Renderings and Architectural Drawings by Bernhard Rieder

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Benrhard Rieder Concept Design

7 Magic Tips for Producers and PMs

Author:+Bernhard Rieder G+Page

1. How to find relevant and excellent Service ?

It’s a fact that it can take forever to find excellent Freelance Graphic Designers. Producers and Project Managers are usually under high pressure deadlines to find quality resources, partners and artists.

Let me give you 7 Killer Tips you should always consider before hiring – make sure your project will be a success. How ? Here we go …

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Bernhard Rieder The Alien

Podcast #2 – Why you should have your own website ?

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Come one Bernhard, that’s ancient !

This Podcast covers an introduction about building your own website. Even if it sounds ancient, if you take a closer look and you really want to do something – that’s still one of the best ways to represent yourself, to market yourself, to use it also for social media, and to rank in the SERPS. Plus it represents your artwork, your skills, your character and personality. Boom.

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Beautiful Paintings by Artist Bernhard Rieder Portrait-Painting Nicolas Karl Otto Rieder The Knight

Beautiful Paintings – Get your personal Masterpiece !

Author:+Bernhard Rieder G+Page

Custom Created Digital Portrait Paintings For Yourself, Family, Friends & Pets !


Create your own masterpiece – choose your favorite role, character or genre. Look like a Hero, King, Princess, Fay, Astronaut, Artist, Rockstar, Philosopher, etc. etc. YOU NAME IT – YOU GET THE MASTER PIECE !!! There a lot’s of beautiful paintings to choose from.

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Dog Drawings – How I paint the german shepherd !

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It was about time to finally pay much more attention painting Pet Portraits.

First of all, I love pets and second … I love painting. So why not combining my passion and start painting Pet Portraits ? Right… that’s what I do. So here we go.

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King Hancock Painting


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I am super stoked to present today the Winner of my latest Survey. As you know, my Painting-Survey started almost over two month ago – I received lot’s of feedback especially from my Facebook Community. THANK SO MUCH TO ALL OF YOU – I MEAN IT !

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World Cup Predictions

World Cup Predictions – Is this little man going to make it ?

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The World Cup Predictions explained:

Many Artists asked me what I could possible do to create an Image Campaign to HELP someone and create some “BUZZ” ?

I actually bothered me not being able to do something – just a tiny little bit. There must be something I could do – something simple and easy. Even if it’s just a mouse click. So what t in heaven could I possible do ?

It doesn’t really matter if you are a Freelance Graphic Designer, a Photographer, a Writer, an Actor, an Illustrator, an Animator, a Visual Effects Guru, a Sculpting Artist, Filmmaker, etc. Everyone sits in the same boat. So let’s face it – it’s a true challenge and a really hard task – many obstacles have to be taken.

Why not doing something  good and helping this little boy ? 

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